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Thread: Reclamation Of Lucky Raffle Tickets

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    Exclamation Reclamation Of Lucky Raffle Tickets

    You Wanna Tell me why 402 Lucky Raffle tickets Got replaced earlier today With a amount of oil my Farm can make in A hour of about 1,407,000 earlier Today?... But, No wait let me guess because of your negligence To do anything right You forgot to stop giving us 6 Raffle Tickets For completing a Gather. And instead of saying oh well are bad you make matters worst by replacing Are hard earned Raffle Tickets with absolutely Useless 3500 Amounts of oil for each individual Raffle Ticket. You know there's a saying if it's not broken don't fix it... Now yes Why this may have technically been broken No one was complaining It seems like You ignore everything we are asking to be fixed and Strip and Fuck up the Good stuff Maybe Focus on the things that need to be fixed Like the Dozens of posts where we are basically telling how to fix This Sick and convoluted Fucked up game. But no instead you say hey why don't we " optimize " the chat for the 700th Time Instead of fixing The Infinite amount of Bugs and problems in the game. You know I could go on for another hour about my list of grievances With this game but To sum it up... Maybe Take time to think oh I wonder how The player would feel If I took something good away and replaced it with something bad, for no justifiable Reason. Then maybe You could start turning this train wreck around...

    -TheChosen1 Z34

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    I seen that, I had 660 raffles changed to useless RSS. It would have been nice if they at least changed them for one hour speeds
    May the Force be with you

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    At least you got something im still waiting

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