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Thread: Event rewards missing

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    Event rewards missing

    Hi this is AVALANCHE from z18
    I have placed a complaint about missing rewards three times already and got no response. Here im wtiting my complaint again. I have placed rank 10th in shooting king event which was on 7.20.16 to 7.21.16 where i shud get officer items for crino rhondo and i have not recieved them yet.
    My user name in game at that time was
    ㅂㅅㅂㄱㅂㄲ대 ㅌ so please look into this issue and hope u will fix asap.
    Avalanche z18 vip 12.
    Thank you

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    Im having same problem with last king of shooting event...I have received no red officer recruitment items.
    Please fix this?

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    Why is t4f silent on this issue? Are u going to lose millions to look into issue n give the rewards we shud get. Its been over month and there is no response from you.

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