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Thread: Inactive players in your territory

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    Inactive players in your territory

    how do you get the inactive players in your territory out. They are doing nothing but taking space. Once you kick them and they haven't been active in a while shouldn't they be forced teleported?

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    Once an account has not been logged into for a while it will automatically be removed until it logs in again. The time varies depending on specific information.

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    I use inactive accounts as a way to teleport into someone's hive during non-pvp times. Even if it disappears, as soon as I log in again it will return to the same coordinates. Then it can be joined to my guild and I can teleport in with my main base. The only way to prevent this is to place a base or a camp on the tile. If the tile is taken, the game will random teleport the inactive base upon login.
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    Hi guys can anyone tell me how to promote a new r5 ! Our guild leader has seriuos health problem and he is inactive more than 2 months . His acc suspended and we are without r5 I'm r4 but can't kick him out no privileges ! Any suggestions please

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