i`ve posted it in suggest forum but no replay or even effect.. in reality i consider it as big problem should be solved...
i hope you do guys .
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Hi all;
we all went through the same Ghost Player in PVP/ZvZ and daily game play. (when someone quite a guild change his name attack someone or all then change back his name to old and join a guild) ...
this situation a lot of a lot of us go through it in daily game play and no one can know the real nickname of the player who attacked.
now days i see this ghost attack has increased in my zone and no one can take his revenge or even know that hidden killer.
The game does not have Nickname Change limiter..i mean what the point of IGN if you can change it every single min..
this situation going bad and i hope you consider adding limit per day or per month or even per account .
i don`t know why no update yet has fixed this issue .. all games got fixed IGN for players

Thank you

PS: i didn`t know where to post it in problem section or in suggesting section .. i hope moderator move it to the right one.