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Thread: How does t4f determine ZvZ matchups

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    Angry How does t4f determine ZvZ matchups

    I would like to understand how Tap 4 Fun determines how the different zones get matched up for zvz. This weekends zvz matches us against a zone that has existed for 329 days longer than our zone. They have 36 players with more power than our zones most powerful player. If the 2 zones were combined, we would only have 5 players that would rank in the top 100. Hell, we only have 6 or 8 players with t4 troops. They have well over 100 players with them. This is STUPID. We anticipate zvz for 2 weeks and you match us up with this? Our zone will be lucky to score any points other than the 5 troops we kill when we get destroyed.

    T4F, please explain your logic to me. How do you determine who we get matched up against?

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    i think they match up with power rank individual/guild power ... my zone #1 player is 500 Mil and now 770 mil ... all the zones we fight are almost with the same power or near it ... but yet there is zones more powerful in combat than us thats why we loose a lot (we always fight with each other cuz of mistake in translation from/to Chinese )
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