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Thread: Scheduling Change for PvP and ZvZ

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    Scheduling Change for PvP and ZvZ

    So why did T4F even ask our opinion about what schedule for events work best for us when you guys have obviously made up your own schedule? Seriously after reading FB posts and forum posts, I haven't found 1 (one) single positive review on the new schedule. Stop ruining the game! It was fine the way it was!

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    oh did they ask maybe i lost this posting????

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    Tooter Turle thinks it sucks too, but they say he's a stupid turtle

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    I do agree with everyones opinion on the new event times. I feel like they should have had a poll about what time is best for the events.

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    How about different servers for different continents? That way we could all have a zvz/pvp at a decent time, not 1am like zvz is at the moment for me.

    Oh, silly me...Tap won't do that because it would cost them money!

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