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Thread: New update gifting question

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    New update gifting question

    In the mail our about the new update it says you'll be able to gift if your hq is level 10 or you are VIP 5. Is this correct? Is it either or?? Don't want to find out after the update my VIP 3 hq21 farms can't gift anymore.

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    I've just found out for myself that ALL of your farms need to be above level 5 VIP in order to gift/ receive regardless of the Gov Building level.

    Takes the piss right?

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    This is another example that Tap4fun are only interested in making as much money as they can out of us all.

    Can any of the moderators or Tap staff please explain to us the reasoning behind changing the gifting level from level 3 to level 5?

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    Yes I am (FsT) Big Wallet in zone 69. We have just had the update as well and it is ridiculous that they have now changed gifting from vip 3 to vip 5. Another issue is the changing amount of diamonds from sending request to Facebook friends. Lastly I am sickened by the fact you have to have your game set in the Chinese language to enter the Parliament.

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