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Thread: T4F is still at it

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    T4F is still at it

    I don't think it's just me because several others have noticed the same thing, but since the bullshit VIP change I've noticed the drop rate from Black Terrorists bases on diamonds has diminished. Anyone else notice this? Are they forcing us to buy now?

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    Get used to it bud, Tap have been messing players about since 2014 with a game called Star Warriors. There was call for Taps license to be revoked with Apple and Google, but nothing came of it.

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    Just a quick update on Black bases, have hit 25 today... NO Dimes! FML! Still haven't bought anything since VIP theft

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    No surprise there really...and the new update on the commander will require a purchase....and I haven't spent a penny since they changed the VIP gifting level, and I am currently VIP 9 and 193m power on my main account!

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    Yes tap. It's like bait and switch. We got VIP 3 for gifting privileges. Then you take it away and make it VIP 5 before we can gift.

    Why be so greedy?

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