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Thread: Teleport to guild territory

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    Teleport to guild territory

    I have win in a battle one item named "Territory Teleport" Teleport your base to a certain location in your guild's territory.... How can I use this ??? My base is at 19 Volga state at 169 and my Guild's is at 12 element 107... My HQ lvl is 10...

    How can I teleport my base and use this item???

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    You can click on a tile owned by your guild and it will give you the option to use that as a teleport option.

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    Hello Zach
    Thanks for your help and your previous answer... Can you please share more details about the way I can use this ??? What are you mean to click on the tile owned by my guild ???

    Thanks again

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    Since your above level five, you have to teleport to a tile in the same zone. If you are doing so, you find a tile with your guilds tag on it when you have territory on then do the following
    press teleport > a notice will come up warning you that if you're being scouted or attacked the march will instantly march, press yes if you're fine with that > it'll recommend your cheapest teleport, which is in your case a territory teleport, click use > you're done.

    However if you've got a level five HQ, you can teleport to any vacant tile in any zone through the use of one of your five newbie ports, assuming you haven't already used them.

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