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Thread: Need support

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    Need support

    Its impossible to get any help from invasion. Me and others in zone games keep freezing up shortly after logging in. And t4f refuses ti give us any support. Been going on over a week now. Anyone else have any issues getting help from them ?

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    So are you getting any errors, or is the game just freezing? What kind of phone are you currently using to run invasion on?

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    Most often, I find this occurs after an update. Typically, I'll clean out my phone cash of crud and it causes problems with the game. Here's why, so far as I've figured....
    When the update happens, and game downloads update files at login, that is, in fact a patch. Most often, I'll go to play store and download the full update and it corrects the problem. The patch seems to go in temp app files rather than hard updating the app.

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