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Thread: Opinions on Best Commander and officers for Attacking

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    Opinions on Best Commander and officers for Attacking

    I'm just curious what combination of Commander and officers you use as it relates to attacking other bases. I realize there are a ton of combinations and variables. It'd be interesting to know who you use and why you think that's best given a particular circumstance.

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    The true trick is really a multi sided proposition. Officers selection is based on which officers in my base offer the best boost % based on what I'm doing. On attack, defense unit officers are useless. Likewise, the medals are assigned same way. Of most importance is your research, and your total attack/total HEALTH % on attack, in comparison to the total def% of your opponent.

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    To add on to what he said, It is also important to match medals with your officer setup. If you're going to be attacking then try not to have defense medals equipped. Keep it on attack and health medals.

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    Seems a lot of the larger players are using more def officers.

    The balance between attack officers and defense officers is out of balance me thinks

    Defense shouldn't trump attack as much as it does now. I have strong attack officers and medals gathering dust because of this imbablance

    Plus there is nowhere on tap's site that explains IN DETAIL how attack defense and health work. No numbers to crunch or much info at all for that matter. Leaving it up to the players to learn as they go. And once they learn, they don't want to share their secrets 😩

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