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Thread: Last nights maintenance

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    Last nights maintenance

    Since the update, when I scroll across map, it warps ahead much farther than I am scrolling unless I actually stop my thumb. It makes searching the mapvery tedious.

    I've tried restarting. I also tried changing settings, but nothing seems to help

    Anyone else experiencing this?

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    Most players in zone 60 are experiencing lag. Probably all zones are. Hope you all get this fixed

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    Can you at least acknowledge this post please?

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    The problem is fixed with last update. Wish I would've had a response though. I need to feel important 😉

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    Well Im glad its fixed. I literally did not even notice this post at all. Im sorry

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    😃😃😃 thanks

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    Maybe you need more people to monitor this stuff and get customer service fixed on the game,there is no way for any players to get ahold of cs on the game when there's a problem,I have been trying for almost 2 months,I think its more economically viable to try to keep the customers you have Before you try for new ones

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