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Thread: Elite Prizes

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    Elite Prizes

    Since we're burning up troops to kill these terrorists, can we get something more than BASIC BOXES?

    Are less people playing so you feel the need to gouge your faithful existing players?

    To kill an elite, one can only use t3 and t4 units. Expensive units to produce. Lots of rss and cash to produce those. Then to top it off, advanced research requires many many many D20 points and Cash.

    Low return on gold coins. Black terrorists yield more diamonds than elite terrorists. And then as another option, you provide a basic box?

    People killing elites are way beyond basic boxes. Please fix this imbablance and be consistent. At least think about it. People at this level are faithful. Is there no end to the Walmart quality at Saks prices?
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    Either nobody cares, I'm the only whiner, or nobody's coming to the forum anymore as nothing seems to change or make a difference anyway when we say something here😩

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    I think they need more ways for players to gain D20 personally. Killing Elite Terrorists are not enough in my opinion. At least have more events to obtain it, or something else

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    Yeah. My next adv res needs 930,000 dp points.

    Seems everything is always stacked against the players. For instance, in the sandtable, there's never a multiplier near the top prize ever, and so on........

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