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Thread: War sim

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    War sim

    The event appeared at about 1am utc. I went through 7 or 8 levels of high mode. The event disappeared, and I didn't receive any rewards

    I'd like my chips back please

    EasyKill zone 60

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    Same here! I spent 6500 diamond's. I want compensation and my 6500 Diamond's back! ASAP!
    Devil Dolly
    R4 Suicide Squad

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    Its back up now. Did you see if your rank still holds?
    Any gaming issues, I'd be happy to help. PM ONLY!! ... No F.R. unless I have played against you in ZvZ

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    same here , i used 43200 chips

    id like my chips back please

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    Before posting here, I tried customer service. A message flashed afterwards informing me that I would be contacted within 48hrs.

    It's been 4 days, and I haven't heard a thing yet

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    They're very cordial as usual. They know the event appeared for a bit. Some of us started spending chips and got no rewards.

    After all of this, they're saying they cancelled the event soon enough, and it is our fault we lost chips. They are refusing to refund the spent chips.

    This is terrible customer service. They don't care about being fair and honest

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