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Thread: [BUG] Officer page still bugged

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    Exclamation [BUG] Officer page still bugged

    There is a crash bug on the Commander/officers page that has been active for many months. I expected it to be cleared everytime we have a game update but it STILL hasn't been addressed. This crash happens on any OS I have tried. I use an Ipad Pro & Ipad mini (updated to the latest iOS) and I also use an Huwaii P9 Android Smartphone and a Lenovo Tablet also on android.

    A recreation of the bug can witness by the devs if they follow these points below:

    1) Click on top left corner (avatar) to open the Officer page
    2) Click on special officer's to try to change from Giomi to Kelly or vice versa
    3) On some cases, if trying to change medals causes the game to crash and restart

    Whats is it about the medals or officer changes that causes these crashes?

    If anyone else experiences the same bug, please reply. Lets get them to take notice and figure out a fix
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