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    Question medals

    how much boost do level 11 and 12 or even 13 medals give if there are more levels ?

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    Highest level is level 12... They can only be acquired if you combine 2 level 11 medals of the same type. Most players get their first level 12 medal at around VIP11 or VIP12 (This costs around 10,000$) However if you are clever and play to get all the free gems in the game, you can acquire your first level 12 medal for less than half price

    Hope you get your level 12 medal... good luck lol cuz you'll need it
    Any gaming issues, I'd be happy to help. PM ONLY!! ... No F.R. unless I have played against you in ZvZ

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    thanks for clearing up the max level of a medal but how much boost % do level 11 and 12 give

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    Lv11 is 8%. Lv12 is 12%

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