I made purchases for a purchase event to obtain officer material. The amount of my purchases would have put me in a rank to receive the red officer material. The amount of my purchases qualified me for the points requirement. However, due to a bug. My final purchase was not recorded in the system and therefore not qualify me to receive the rewards.
When I contacted customer service about the issue. Customer service was rude and told me that there was nothing that could be done. I provided customer service with the receipt for my final purchase that day. The time of the purchase was before the event ended.
I also contacted google. I was told that my purchase was indeed the time on the receipt. However, they could not be responsible how the purchase is processed on the other end (t4f). Yes, another dead end.
What I want to know is why loyal customers are treated like lower lifeforms by Invasions so called "customer service ". Is not as if I was trying to get something for free without justification. I have proof of my purchases for the event. I would think that Invasion would have some sense to see that "hey, she made a purchase of several hundred dollars for this event but something went wrong and we should try to figure it out and help our loyal customers " But, nope!!!
I asked to have someone who was better with dealing with customer issues. I was told that they will not forward my complaint because the person chose not to. I have a legitimate grievenice here. Is there no justice for honest, hard working loyal customers with these people?
Apparently not.
What do you suggest?