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Thread: the login issue 7/8-8/8/2017.

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    the login issue 7/8-8/8/2017.

    Hello, I was effected by the temporary login issues before the last TvT. My base was totally cleaned of 300 mill each resources approx, except Food obvc and over 2.5 mill troops mixed 500k each t4, 300k t3 and 600k t1's and some defences.. numbers are rough for sake of the thread.

    The CS have released an image of there compensation to me.. A total of approx 68k t4 each. 65k t3 each and 875 t1's each.

    this is totally unacceptable in my eyes and as a long term member of invation and a "spender" I feel as though they are just fobbing me off. I'd like to know if anyone else has been fobbed off with poor compensation. as it's not acceptable. The issue was no fault of ours. And maybe they should think of a future fix for such instances. E.g. A separate way we can protect or enter our account if stupid stuff like that happens again.

    I for 1 won't settle for that amount of compensation. And think if anything they should replace everything that was in anyone's effected base right before it was cleaned. Or before ZvZ started or the Issue arised.

    If someone Fromm tapinvasion Higher than Customer service could respond that would be great!
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    Also I'd like to know where else I can turn to to seek further advice as the CS is Slow and responses are instantly ended after they have said anything in response. Meaning a new conversation needs to be started up every time they respond to me�� I'm fuming about the whole situation and to be mugged off with there excuse of "compensation" really winds me up. There should be no compensation just effected accounts put back to how they were before the login error issues. It's as simple as that @Tap4 Invasion!

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    Due to the abnormality of FB authorization, some players binding with FB accounts were unable to log in to the game from 23:30 on Aug 7 to 01:30 on Aug 8. Currently the Facebook has recovered the due authorization and Commanders can log in normally.

    For Commanders being unable to log in during FB authorization abnormality, we will compensate all of your destroyed troops and defenses attacked by others within 3 working days. (Units of different levels will be compensated averagely.)

    Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and thank you for your understanding and support!

    If you have any questions or recommendations about the game, please tap [More] - [Customer Service] and contact our support team.

    Invasion High Command

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    That was the email sent out.. "We will compensate ALL your lost troops and defences" !!!

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    Hi James, I will bring this thread to tap's attention, so they can better advise.


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Reply to Rob James Vause

    Dear James
    Thanks for your feedback, I am sorry to hear that you suffered a loss due to temporary login issues. Though the game now has a set of compensation and is same for all players, we are always trying to optimize the game, your suggestion is advisable and will be taken seriously by us. If you still have any suggestion or problem, please leave us messages or contact with in-game customer service, we will continue to follow up your questions.
    Thanks again for your support to our game!

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