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Thread: Extreme Defense

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    Instead of the marches trickling out slowly to 100 bases, can tap tap speed things up please?

    Most port to the ed spot, but it still takes hours. This should be an easy event. Why is it such a tedious task EVERY WEEK?

    10 marches at a time or all at once if itís possible. It is possible. Tap just needs to fix it that way. Itís not like theyíd be losing any money.

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    Hi James 👋

    I will pass the suggestion along

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    The 5min max march doesn't work as the terrorists attacks just trickle out of the extreme defense base.

    A lot of people spending ports to gather around the enemy base. Tap is still getting people to spend dimes. I just donít understand why they donít speed this monotonous no skill needed event up.

    Now THAT would make the game better

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