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Thread: Tired of Tapís excuses

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    Tired of Tapís excuses

    Hopefully it was fixed with this last update, but since the previous update there have been problems. Number one would be the fact that on the loading page the brown circle of death constantly showed up. Never had this ever happened before on the load up page. It would take 5 times plus to actually log in.

    Also guild chats kept getting stuck. People were u able to scroll up.

    The reason for the title of my post...

    I have a good iPhone. I have business WiFi óthe fastest I can get

    Despite the fact that I and countless others have great phones and WiFi, when we have problems, tap says, ďweíre sorry for the inconvenience commander bla bla bla. Try restarting your phone or modem


    Countless times I port to attack and enemy. Iíve already used a march cap, port, set my form only to lag out. Upon log in, I find the enemy already shielded. Or the many instances where I put a march/camp out only to lag out leaving my troops vulnerable.

    Youíve made and are making millions of dollars off of us. Man the fug up and treat your customers as customers. Enough of blaming it on our devices. I donít even bother contacting tap about these instances, because Iíll get the standard wait wait wait for the denial and blame blame blame.

    Not to mention, you keep changing the rules of the game that people have spent time and money on to build based on the existing rules

    ALWAYS CHANGING THINGS TO BENEFIT TAP. We find a loophole, you seal it up. Something happens where we lose óyou blame us!!!

    Get over your cheap greedy selves. It doesnít cost you anything to fix things for your customers. Theyíll still spend. But I know more and more of us are still playing, but spending less because you all suck as a company at treating your customers fairly.

    Couple of people got zeroed in the past couple of days because of log in issues.

    What was tapís response to the call for help everybody?

    You got it

    Try restarting or find better WiFi bla bla bla

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    UPDate. Guild chat still gets stuck and will not allow user to scroll up at times. And yes, I do know that restarting will solve THAT one😉

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    Hey James, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. I will ask a tap rep to comment on behalf of tap.


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Hi again, James

    Just wanted to follow up with you. There was a packet update earlier that was supposed to help optimize the freezing issue. Tap will continue to optimize as they find issues.

    Hope that helps


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    Thank you Pharm. Iíll let you know if any of the issues persist

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    Thank you, James. Appreciate you taking the time to report those issues


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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