Hello, first i would like to ask that you read all and not just post automatic answer.

I had credits on my USA appstore region and i changed to this region to use the credits on Invasion.
From that moment i canno't make any purchase on the game. i recieve an error msg "Abnormal purchase approch".
I also can't change back to my israel reigon since i must use those credits i got in order to use them on the game only.

I contact Apple and they said it's emerging problems and it's the developer responsibilty to solve it.

My app store id is the same as it was before...only the region is different. i tried many things like delete the game , get out of app store then restart my phone and login to appstore agian and download the game. but nothing worked.

I have money i lke to spend on the game...please help me resoulve the issue.

Beside that i bought before two packs of value week card - research and construction. i never got my daimonds from the pack only the speedups.

please help with that matter too.

Thank you