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    Top Many pvps at a time

    Having some problems knowing upcoming events.we dont know What event coming says Sometimes PvP is coming Like in 10 h.and suddenly There is a PvP running that doesnt appear in Events tab.or 3 pvps at a time.please fix that.that missinformation costs troops and time of Players in Zone 112

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    Do you mean multiple events for PvPs running at once? Cause I've never heard of multiple PvPs running on one zone at the same time.

    Tap does reserve the right to alter any event start times. They are generally pretty good about event start times and keeping them static, but things happen.

    Its best to just learn the event schedule as is, it doesn't change that TvT and PvP show up on the same days and the same times, regardless of countdown or not. If you're ever unsure, just bubble. It's what I do... Gotta protect my investment, we all do.


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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