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Thread: Maintenance now?

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    Maintenance now?

    What a dumb time for an update. War sim coming up not to mention the violators trying to take mini monuments back.

    Hopefully you’ve thought about the mini monuments —they’re helpless during updates. During future updates, suspend their attacks. People work hard in this game. Reward and support them

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    Pharm, I hope you realize when I’m ranting, I’m not speaking to you.

    You’ve always been terrific. You try as you might to help everyone. Countless times. Thank you for all of your efforts.

    It’s the owners. Have any of the owners, developers, or managers ever come here to actually say or do something?

    All the developers do is study how we play and change the game to suit THEIR needs. As if they’re not making bookoo bucks already.

    What happened to rapid packs? At first, players could get them whether they attacked or defended? Then tap changed it to only be available to the defender. NOW THEY’RE GONE!

    Changing the rules again based upon tap’s gain and player’s loss.

    Worst reviews I’ve seen on a game in the App Store. Don’t you freakin care tap?

    Better start trying to keep what you’ve got. Nobody new, in their right mind, would start to play this game.

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    Hey James, can defo appreciate your frustrations with respects to timing on that update. I can't think of one player happy to miss war sim willingly. At any rate, feedback to tap has been provided with respects to timing of updates given war sim events and those mini buildings you've mentioned.

    You've brought up a few different concerns and i will do my best to address each one

    - Strange Buildings/Zone Cities: tap is aware there are issues still with this new feature. They are working on rolling out fixes. Main fix is to ensure players do not perm lose boosts if they go to rift or to TT.

    - Rapid recovery packs: I will ask about these

    - Tap does check the forums quite regularly. Comments may not always be made, but I assure you, they do read the forums and feedback is taken into account. If I am ever unsure of something, I do speak with tap before replying.

    Also, thank you for your kind words about me. Quite humbled and most appreciative. One more thing... I have literally checked this forum every day this week and today is the first day your post shows up. Not sure what happened, but wanted you to know I have responded as promptly as possible.

    Hope you're well and keep the faith. I'll do my best to communicate the gravity of your concerns


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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    On rapid recovery packs, I understand here is new criteria for people to meet in order to receive the packs.

    I reined some people this week for extreme defense. They were attacked by a player in our zone. I pay 21m power, and I didn’t receive a single rapid recovery pack

    I do not u derstand their reasoning. In he past, players did purposely have troops killed so they could get recovery packs —what was wrong with this? They were within the rules of the game.

    I don’t see TAP limiting how much a player can purchase. They give thousands in rss as rewards knowing it takes millions to do anything. Basically it’s ok for them to exploit us and change things as they see fit, but it’s not ok for us to exploit tap and their established rules —we do and all they do is change he rules.

    Still the same old tap...

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    Asking about these...


    "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?"

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