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Thread: Application constantly crashing

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    Application constantly crashing

    Been playing for two years without issue. Followed t4f instructions to uninstall then reinstall application. Now it won't open at all. I've installed from play store uninstalled then installed from t4f with same results. Sent crash info to play store 100 times

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    Hi Bob,

    I know a lot of Android users have been having the issue you've been experiencing. I know it may sound redundant, but submit a ticket to customer support to report the issue.

    Also, this is something someone suggested today in one of the chats I'm in:

    'I force stopped app/went to app info and cleared data and cache/ uninstalled and reinstalled game and restarted my phone. That worked for me.'

    I hope this helps and I will be sure to also report this issue.

    Happy gaming,


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