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Thread: Help in Zone 10

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    Help in Zone 10

    Hello everyone in here to talk about a problem we have in zone 10 there is a a guild named TNX who is destroying this server they are disrupting the order of this server they don't follow rules they don't listen they are incompetent, I am apart of the A0F guild the only guild trying to step up to these bullies but we aren't enough so I'm calling out to every server if you could please join server 10 help out in the cause to liberate us from the disease TNX we can wait no longer, you have a month till we launch an attack on these people with all out brothers and sisters of zone 10 thank you
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    As we cant teleport from one zone to the other and dont have z vs z. And to make a New account and start from 0 would take to long. I suggsest to form a zone 10 alliance with all guilds and start poking on them and do it all the time at one point TNX will start to loose members and get weaker. But thats a hard but fun battle

    Good luck

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