Hello people,

I have an idea that first came to my mind a long time ago, but I decided to suggest that each zone shall have a chat moderator to handle and make the chat more continuing as we are from a zone whence spamming and harassment never die since the opening of the game.

This time, my suggestions to save the zone chat from dying because of continuous spams and harassment whatsoever are to create a zone chat moderating system which each zone gets a moderator. How to say about that is not that we want a dictatorship of moderators which mute people, but we beseech a police which is able to handle all spams.

First of all, allow me to explain my sub-suggestions for a chat moderator, what is a chat moderator? What it can do?
- A chat moderator is a policeman in the chat, like moderators in every forums.
- He/She has to handle all trouble in the zone chat which are spamming continuously on sight, then some which violate the Terms of Service or Rules of the game such as harassing, in general.
- He/She also has to be serious and mature, not act like kids or whoever.
-He/She has to make the zone chat more liveable.

Who can become a moderator?
- For all candidates applying to become moderators, I strongly recommend them to apply on the forum only, not on Facebook or access may be arduous to handle.
- The minimum age is 17, in my opinion, because of maturity and discipline.
- Any candidates of any countries can apply to, whatever their mother tongues (or native languages), but better English is at least required.
- He/She does not have to work for tap4fun, hence he/she is a slim and free volunteer.

What would you suggest more besides those above?
- I would also suggest that we do not want to be assigned by a zone governor, which he/she has higher chance to hire a wrong moderator who may troll, spam or mute innocent whilst he/she is not online than applying to the forum only.
- A zone chat moderator must have an ability to temporary or permanently mute somebody from the zone chat.
- Moreover, he/she shall have an ability to report to tap4fun's custom service, which may include the reported some temporary or permanent bans.
- If the previous suggestion does not sound like a good deal, he/she can however instantly ban the reported player out of the game, temporary or permanently.
- He/she may have an ability to write a zone mail, instead of the governor and his/her ministers, which may announce something about the Terms of Service, for instance.
- The moderator's words may need some hues besides yellow from the governor, gray for others , red for system and blue for yourselves. I would suggest that a moderator shall be green hued once talked on zone chat.
- He/She does not have to take care of his/her own guild, but she/he shall handle the zone chat properly against any violations.

I understand these look like a shopping list and are bit long, but whether you agree or disagree with one of those suggestions inscribed above, please debate now but make this general idea, which is the chat moderator at all, to make zones alive with at least a chat moderator.

Thank you,