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Thread: Level restrictions and diminished returns/losses

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    Level restrictions and diminished returns/losses

    There is a big problem with overpowered, high-level players destroying low-level player bases. It takes days to build up and to recover, yet a high-leveled person can come in and destroy the majority of it in just a couple attacks. This is very disheartening to most players especially those who spend money but nowhere near as much as the high-leveled players.

    I propose a certain level range that gives max reward/damage. The lower the level of defender, the smaller the return or the inability to attack at all if too low. Perhaps the number of troops destroyed also diminishes with each successive attack against the same defender within a certain time frame, regardless of level. If it already works like that, it certainly doesn't seem like it.

    Individual PvP event participation usually ends in the earlier hours because it is so easy to destroy a large number of troops with a small number of attacks. This could scale based on the level of the attacker and the defender (who's higher, who's lower, and by how much.) Another option would be to disable an individual's successive attacks against a target that lost a certain percentage of troops/defenses within a certain time period.

    Those that pour lots of money into this game may not agree with me at all which is fine, but something has to be done about the enormous power gap. These are just some ideas to get the ball rolling.

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    We in zone 4 fight back with a diffrent way. More info on a diffrent thread.

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    Hi, i totally agree with your initial argument, but your system would make things very soon very complicated. I spend money to and you are right, but i think a much simpler solution.
    Now there is a central lvl6 resources area, Why not inpenetrable rings of lowering lvl's of resources and let newbies start here and move to rings closer to the center which are more powerful. Higher lvl rings would be unable to attack more outer rings or with just a max of power they can bring with them for an attack.

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    My base can beat up your base...cuz its filled with uber p2w moniez and phat lewtz!

    Quote Originally Posted by D3vil5ro53 View Post
    We in zone 4 fight back with a diffrent way. More info on a diffrent thread.
    Our zone is still relatively new (#13) so I will show this to our zone's governor. The top guild alliance just plows through everyone else for resources with no cares at all. Quite a disgrace. :/ It should never come down to "I spent maor moneeee, pwnzzzzz!!!11.." I digress. *twitch*

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