All Commanders of Invasion,

We are glad to inform you that Google Play featured INVASION as one of the New+ Updated Game over 132 countries!!

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We appreciate all our commanders' support and love, and we would like to share the joy with every one of you! So we launched this GP Feature Festival. There will be several events on Facebook, in game and Forum during the festival. You will have chance to win diamonds, speedups and other useful items! Don't hesitate, join the festival and play INVASION right now!!

Google Play
Apple Store

Details about Forum Event:

Create Slogan for Invasion!

Invite your friends to play Invasion and share your joy with them! How would you like to invite them? Will you use a slogan? Post your Slogan in this thread and let us know your idea!

Event time: From June 5th 2:00am to June 15th 02:00am GMT

Content & Rewards:

1. During the event, post your Slogan, in-game username and zone number in this thread and stay active as much as you can in our Forum. When the event concludes, we will randomly select 30 players as winners and reward them accordingly:

- 10 players who posted 1-50 times will have chance to receive 200 diamonds;
- 10 players who posted 51-200 times will have chance to receive 400 diamonds;
- 5 players who posted 201-500 times will have chance to receive 600 diamonds;
- 5 players who posted 500 times and more will have chance to receive 800 diamonds;

2. Additional rewards for specific floor in this thread: the player who’s on the #2, #50, #100, #150 and #200 floor will get 500 diamonds!


  1. Start a thread or leave any comment below one thread (including your own threads) will be counted as one post. You can see your post amount in your profile → About Me → Statistics.
  2. We will select winners from this thread, but you can increase your post amount by starting a new thread or leaving comments to any other threads. All your posts will be counted.
  3. Do not try to spam, or you will be disqualified. Our official staff will always watch over the forum. Your forum account will be muted or banned if you don’t follow the rules.
  4. Do not forget to leave your username, zone number and your slogan.
  5. Rewards will be delivered within a week after the event concludes.

Thank you all for your support to Invasion and HAPPY POSTING!



1st part:
- 200 diamonds for 10 players who posted 1-50 times:
Queen Bee

- 400 diamonds for 10 players who posted 51-200 times:

2nd part:
- 500 diamonds for the player who’s on the #2, #50, #100, #150 and #200 floor:
D3vil5ro53 (#2)

Rewards will be delivered in 48 hours, congratulations to all of you!