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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    Angry war sim fail

    the war sim looks nice but is now designed for failure. nobody in any zone can achieve the top prize. you must fix this please. also,the officer addition is also designed to make you more money. stop being greedy and give us useful gameplay options!

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    Sydney Sam - Zone 32

    Comment made earlier.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hairul Din View Post
    The update were awesome except the sim war..change back to the old sim war.. ributsdz z35

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    If you ask me, the new simulator is a bad update due to two reasons; 1) the lack of good RSS, diamonds, or speed ups causes people to be less motivated and or not play the simulator at all. 2) with people not being motivated to play the simulator, it means they have no intent on buying chips. My thought; go back to the old simulator.

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    War simulator is absolutely terrible now, worse prizes and way less chance of winning.
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    lOver All I Like The New Version And All The New COOL Features!!! MUCH APPRECIATION TO YOU. THANKS!!!

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    The old version of War Simulator is better, the new one I find is based on luck only.

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    All of the new changes are excellent except for the War Simulator which has been ruined. It has gone from my favorite event to a totally worthless one. It also appears to be a money grab. 7000 chips left me with 150 points in event. i need 2500 for gold. 150,000 chips to gold an event full of bad prizes. I'll keep mine until you fix it.
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    Love the new war simulator , it gives it a nice challenge.
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    I really like that the ability to create bases in all zones. War simulator was a huge step in the wrong direction. I liked the vehicles changing as you progressed through rounds and liked that my vehicles reflected what I had unlocked. The prizes also seem a bit lacking there are less to possibly win but have not been made larger to make up for it. I think the officer system is interesting but so far it looks like unlocking them or leveling them seems out of reach without massive diamond investments.

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    The new war simulator just sucks, wasting a lot of time to do the event, I tink De old one is juz fine

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