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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    Would like old simulator back...
    Would also like to see a way to rearange building in my base with out having to start over.

    More specials on diamond sales would be nice as well.

    Other than that all good

    Semper fi

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    Quote Originally Posted by Taktix View Post
    The war sim has been ruined, its just been turned into a money spinner. Less rewards and more time consuming. The rest of the updates are good though
    Le simulateur a chaque maj La difficulté à été augmentée avant je passais 10k de jetons puis entre 15 et 20 et maintenant cela devient impossible d'avoir les 3 sans dépenser des diamants!!! Après les autres choses ont l'air bien même si pour le système adjudants cela revient a dépenser du n'apprécie pas également le fait que toutes les récompenses journalière ont étés revus à la baisse! Donc bilant plus que mitigé

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    war Simulator

    Quote Originally Posted by Bada$$ View Post
    Old war simulator is alot better
    THE War Simulator is Much better and i like the new Features the New Version HAS to Offer

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    After the developers shut down the servers after the update a couple times, I noticed most of the bugs have been resolved. I like the added ability to "select all" mail instead of clicking each one to remove from my mailbox. Still trying to figure out the war simulator. Overall, great game and it's a fun way to pass some free time.

    Rhosalie zone 39

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    I cant send voice sometimes
    (Failed to send)

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    The update were awesome except the sim war..change back to the old sim war.. ributsdz z35

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    Sydney Sam

    I love the new challenge for officers. Makes it feel less stale. However the war simulator is a bit of a challenge now. The rewards aren't as worthy, and I would have to say, the old War Simulator was much more enjoyable. Voice feature is cool. Could be better if you could provide 10 second feeds.

    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    Invasion version 1.21 is now online, do you like the new features? What do you think of the new version? Welcome to the "Comment on the new version" event - share your ideas and win rewards!

    Attachment 377

    Event Time: August 11th 12:00 GMT - August 14th 13:00 GMT

    Event details: Use one sentence to review Invasion version 1.21, write it down in the reply section of this post along with your in-game username and zone number.

    Event Rewards: After the event ends, we will randomly reward 20 players, delivering each of them 500 diamonds.

    1. You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2. Rewards will be distributed within 3 days after the event ending.

    We value your opinions and suggestions, and will optimize the game based on your reviews. Thank you for your enduring support!

    Happy gaming!

    Invasion High Command

    11th August, 2015

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    Old simulator was more fun and more rewarding new one is too hard and you can't supply your guy to continue and it sucks if you are chasing a specific reward new comander feature is too big and to get items for new comander is too rare and i would like to get better pakages for the more i spend not less better packages for the more i spend

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