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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    The new version is great. The voice feature, doing alliance bulletins for recruiting, the UTC time, the battle simulator match up system as well as the commander option to get supppoting officers...all great additions. I have found the prizing on the war simulator has gotten weak vs the previous version. Thankyou for all the effort into the game Tap4Fun!

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    Hi just want to say that there was some good updates but you guys messed up the war simulator this new version sucks the old one was much better anyway keep up the good work and thanks for a great game but try to work on the war simulator

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    Hey try to work on the war simulator cause this version sucks see what you can do thanks for a great game

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    The new war sim absolutely sucks. The old one was much better. The added voice chat is pretty cool though. You need to work on the map too. Mine keeps resetting so i cant tell who owns which tiles. Ive reported this and gotten no help on it.
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    War sim is horrible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    Invasion version 1.21 is now online, do you like the new features? What do you think of the new version? Welcome to the "Comment on the new version" event - share your ideas and win rewards!

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    Event Time: August 11th 12:00 GMT - August 14th 13:00 GMT

    Event details: Use one sentence to review Invasion version 1.21, write it down in the reply section of this post along with your in-game username and zone number.

    Event Rewards: After the event ends, we will randomly reward 20 players, delivering each of them 500 diamonds.

    1. You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2. Rewards will be distributed within 3 days after the event ending.

    We value your opinions and suggestions, and will optimize the game based on your reviews. Thank you for your enduring support!

    Happy gaming!

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    11th August, 2015
    The new war sim is horrible. I say bring back the old sim!!

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    The guild comments is a good feature but should be able to make private. Is a good way to communicate in game between the guild.
    The war simulator is awful now. An event with war sim does not appeal anymore. The amount of chips needed to get to the 1st reward. The simulator is harder to recieve rewards and cost a hell of a lot more chips

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    New version sucks put it back this isn't game of war ,, quit trying to make it like gow

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    The war simulator is horrible. Also I am not a fan of the new voice chat feature. As a mother I know there are kids playing and there is no filter. In my zone a lot of racist, sexist, and vulgarity is being posted via these voice messages.

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    New war sim is terrible. You've made it almost impossible without spending a ridiculous amount of money to beat the war sim event.

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    I feel that the new additions wede neccesary as the commanders now have Officers which make them more unique from each other.Although....I feel that making our own commanders would be the best

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