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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    I love the new commander recruitment system, to make it even better I suggest lowering the price of the boxes to 200 diamonds... Then more players would be willing to try their luck buying the boxes and getting the new recruits

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    The war simulator sucks now. Harder to get the event prizes because Im expected to get 2313 for the last prize and I barely was able to get 976 and that got first place in the event. It also doesnt give out as high of items or gems/speedups as much. Please change it back.

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    I don't like the chat button to talk into ur device. I feel like a idiot when holding it up to hear. Also some people r real hard to understand and it can get annoying when it's not converted. Lastly the war simulator sucks the rewards R very low conpared to before.

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    Problems with new version

    The war sim is very bad for getting rewards now. That's my only problem with the new version

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    La nouvelle version rend le jeu beaucoup mieux par rapport à l'ancienne ^^

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    Not liking the new Way Simulator. The new UTC time display and more info and countdown to upcoming events, countdown to the end of events is a great addition. I like the new officers but confused on how to get the items to be able to recruit them. Maybe an easier help section would be good.

    USMC0311 in 16 Phoenix

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    Good new version , FR Très bon jeu de Gestion Stratégie Guerre, avec sa nouvelle version la communication entre joueurs est beaucoup plus immersif, un staff toujours actif pour rendre Invasion évolué et travaillé et plus approfondi.

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    Can we really bring back old war sim. Like is there somewhere we can petition this! I really want the old one back!

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    Just want to say that this new model of war simulator sucks. Just that because all the other things just being amazing

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