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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    The new features seem to be good except the war simulator. The rewards are not near as good for as many chips you may end up burning.

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    This is the worst idea I have ever experienced. There is no way you can reach the first event prize. Way to go guys now even the guys that don't spend money on this gave can't even compete now. Horribly job. I will no longer be playing simulator. And I just may eventually delete the app.

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    This is awesome and is better now for us

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    Zone 14 renegade88

    War Sim, it's cool that you have an effect on the outcome, but you lose way more than you win, and the event is ridiculous to get gold now.

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    Le nouveau simulateur n'est pas terrible, et l'関閚ement est injouable ,
    Les 3 niveaux(1-2-3) offrant les m阭es points >> pas top
    10 points Max pour le 4鑝e niveau ca n'offre pas beaucoup de chance de gagner les 3 cadeaux de 関閚ement

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    With the exception of the war simulator the update seems to be good. The old war simulator lay out was good and gave u a much better chance of getting better rewards then the new simulator

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    Agreed, old stimulator was way better...

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    I'm not real excited about it. We all got a lot of resources out of simulator and the update makes it so hard without paying a ton to get anything. I would give the updates a C-. Svenson Zone38

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