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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    Feels good.. But i think voice chat is useless...

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    Cool Where's my reward? Haha

    Major potential with just a few changes 👍🏼🇺🇸

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    Tap4fun, please understand this.. We DO NOT want an "optimised" war simulator. We want the OLD war simulator. Secondly, we want SPEED UPS in the REBELS. that's the ONLY 2 things people really dislike. Fix those 2 and we are happy, but until those 2 are fixed people will see you as greedy and quit the game and I have noticed (owning a top guild) that since the update our guild has spent less due to your greediness. Remember all you need its the OLD war sim. And the SPEED UPS back into rebels. Thanks.

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    I am not thrilled with updates
    Quote Originally Posted by Susan View Post
    Invasion version 1.21 is now online, do you like the new features? What do you think of the new version? Welcome to the "Comment on the new version" event - share your ideas and win rewards!

    Attachment 377

    Event Time: August 11th 12:00 GMT - August 14th 13:00 GMT

    Event details: Use one sentence to review Invasion version 1.21, write it down in the reply section of this post along with your in-game username and zone number.

    Event Rewards: After the event ends, we will randomly reward 20 players, delivering each of them 500 diamonds.

    1. You can post multiple replies, but each person can only receive rewards once.
    2. Rewards will be distributed within 3 days after the event ending.

    We value your opinions and suggestions, and will optimize the game based on your reviews. Thank you for your enduring support!

    Happy gaming!

    Invasion High Command

    11th August, 2015

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    I think that the update is very good I love it.
    I have an idea for the events because I don't understand which units I must destroy on the pvp event.
    I would explaine it a little that new person understand it simply.

    The new war simulator is Bettes than the old because you can change the unit an not the computer.

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    One part of the simulator is how the different units match up. It would be nice if we had more input to the battle like if we could increase the power of our unit to see how they would compete against other. How see this working is similar to how we set formations attacking or defending. The idea would be similar to getting intel on enemy then we could spend points outfitting our army to defend or attack. Sure you could over arm and waste points or underarm and lose, but it would help educate commanders who are new to battles. It would make the simulator more useful.

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    There should be extra rewards during events. Not only for top 10 but also 30-50-100

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    The new version is awseome...
    Alexpavel zone 58

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