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Thread: Comment on the new version!

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    Voice..great.. Overall..great

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    First of all thanks for the awesome new update!!! Special that voice mails 😊😊
    But I prefer the old war sim , and I'm suuuuure prefer old rebel rewards , and I can't join just first 7 rallies in the hall of war , i hope u fix this and thanks for everything...

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    It's really cool when u can't port to another territory when it's non pvp !!! This make the game more reallity , because no one can port and start attacking when it's not pvp !!! It's really good idea ����

    Zone #10

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    I liked the war simulator in the old version better.

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    Old war simulator was better but I like the new officer function. Good work

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    Old war simulater was better, i love the voice chat and the rebel/officers system

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    I like the old versions better, this one is too difficult to get stuff

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    You should have a guild bank for us hold rss

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