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Thread: War sim solo event balance issues

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    War sim solo event balance issues

    For anyone that reads this please pass this along or makers of invasion please fix this I've done the math and to get the third prize in the war sim solo event you have to beat the high war sim a total of 58 times that means you have to get max prizes that many times and for anyone that doesn't want to do the math that means you have to spend AT LEAST 71.25K CHIPS THATS JUST IF YOU ARE EXTREMELY LUCKY creators please fix or balance this. War sim solo event used to be my favorite I would save up chips for it like a kid saving up to go to the carnival now it's so immposible it's not even worth attempting

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    I agree. The math is ridiculous and it is not worth spending anything on the war simulator! I spent 75k chips for 428 points and did not even get much.

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