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Thread: All Troops Missing. After Aug 12,2015 System Maintenance

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    All Troops Missing. After Aug 12,2015 System Maintenance

    Hello Invasion Team,

    All my troops gone missing after today's System Maintenance activity.
    Any idea when it will be fixed.

    I think all of the Z10 players facing this issue.


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    Can more members in zone 10 confirm this?

    Where those troops out gathering or fighting?

    If they where out then if you know the location look if they are there and then you can click on them and recall or w8 untill they have gathered there max and then autoreturn.

    Usualy this helps

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    D3vil5ro53 ,
    Troops count is showing as zero. IN ZC as well most of the guys saying same thing.

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    I can confirm this, every player in the zone 10 has lost their troops.

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    This game is fucked in z10... May have to quite invasion.
    Total mess and complete failure after upgrade.

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    Tap4fun you really need to have this game working properly. People are very upset after continues problems with this game. If the upgrades arent working please go back to the old versions and test the upgrades until they work properly ok ? I love the game, but enough is enough allready ��

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    Tap4Fun, Moderators... Are you even listening..... At least reply and let every one know when it will be fixed. Or it wont be fixed.

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    Same here, got attacked by one troop, i had like 2 mil t3 in base, but i lost the battle and all troops were gone. All the troops in the monument were gone too and no one had the monument. Everyone in 10 got this issue

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