Well zone 36 has a new moderator and her name is Romulusera of W&B. In fact she leads this guild. Well the first night of her being moderator ended in chat banning a for 75% or RpZ for nearly nothing or nothing at all. She muted RpZ leaders and larger members which shut down any RpZ communications. She has also gone to the great lengths of mailing the government power with a list of rules and demands. Tap4Fun this is not your fault. And it's not really Romuluseras fault. The moderator should be someone with no affiliation to the zone. She abused the power granted her for her own means and cost your players time, power, and resources. She never banned a W&B even though they preformed acts equal to those of RpZ members and sometimes worse. W&B is now hated by zone 36 because of her biased actions and abuse of your power. I hope you can help us in zone 36. SOS from zone 36.