i created the game as a newbie on android. linked my fb and it said binded. now i got diamond mine ....i thought this is working ok...then when i try and log into the account through facebook on my iphone it is telling me the account is not bound and to try again. i looked on my account and it says bound but only my google email is there. i also never had the option in account under more to bind to facebook, only to log into facebook through the diamond mine to invite which says i already gave permission.

Also with the game since new update every 5-10 minutes the game will start lagging and freezing and keeps disconnecting from the server.
Any assistance on how i can get my account to let me log into my account through my phone. this is getting really pathetic now. i have spent loads of money on this game and only thing that i get back is a slow laggin game and a crap simulator .

assistance urgantly required!!!!! any help