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Thread: Show off Officer, and win gifts!

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    This is Ms. Jane Dunwoody - of the Boston Dunwoody's. She lived as a privileged lady of lesiure most of her life until she was 23, when the plane she was on crashed onto a deserted island. She was coming home from a wonderful vacation in the tropics and decided to take the Malaysian flight instead of flying American Airlines - boy did she learn her lesson!

    Having nothing but desinger clothes and handbags, she single handedly survived and made the island natives her bitches. They worshipped her as a goddess. They then built a ship and sent Ms. Dunwoody off, before the island exploded due to volcanic activity.

    She arrives home and is a changed woman. She then uses her great weath to train her mind, body, and soul into the killing machine she is today. After watching her take down an entire crime syndicate, I chose to recruit her. She loves her Commander and will put his life before hers. The relationship is strictly platonic, however, as they both are each others Beard's.


    Zone 23 - LectricJesus
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    My favorite is Scarface. She is buautiful and smart and powerful.

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ID:	436 She is my favourite officer because she is pretty!Also she has the same name with my grandma (Jane). I am GiorgosM from zone 55

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    #42 War Goddess
    This my favorite officer because its the only one I have so far. Lol.Click image for larger version. 

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    Arya, great attributes

    IGN: DD8907 / Area 51

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    比爾。穆勒 (Bill More)
    Zone: 18
    Name: Whatever

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    Okay but i like Diamonds

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    My favorite is Lisa Einstein
    Zone 52
    Nick MissisKey

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