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Thread: War sim petition

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    I'm coffeeboi #3 I hate the new war simulator, please bring back old version at least I could win sometimes on it, this is my signature on this petition... My team mates are saying the same as everyone who has spoken on here, in zone chat it the same... NO LIKES THE NEW VERSION OF WAR SIMULATOR!!!!!!

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    BussYoHead zone 15, 40, 51.

    Agreed, they couldn't have found a worse way to change the war sim... I am amazed anyone even signed off on doing it.. God, I hope it is changed soon, because the war sim diamond package is a complete waste of money now, not to mention the prizes now blow!

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    I'd like to add my disappointment at the war sim. It used to be great and helpful. But now your lucky to get to 3rd prize. Return it to the way it was please.

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    I vote bring back the old Sim. Can't win anything at all from this new one unless I 100% victory it. This new Sim even after updating it (which didn't help at all) is still 100x worse than the old Sim.

    #47 KiriTo

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    I am signing under this petition. Zone#38. Keep signing up and dont buy anything from these guys. I just got attacked today under 24hour shield with 17 hours left on it! Now i need to rebuild,rebuy,rebuild,rebuy....ridiculous!is this the point of this game!? To pay more money! I thought it was meant to be free!

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    The developer is not listening,, they are just making the game not fun anymore,, on top of that ,,well if you want fun in war sim and you are buying chips to play the war sim,, for god sakes ,,, please go to the nearest casino and you might just won something bigger with what you spend for chips in a war sim,, it's just funny that the developer of this game are thinking of funny ideas to make this game worst then a jackpot game,, and guess what ,,if I am not wrong,, the game is set to make you lose,,odds to lose at jackpot is around 98.4%= war sim now

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