View Full Version : Beat, Beat, poem.

07-27-2015, 09:28 PM
Beat ,Beat, I can hear it. Where are you hiding. No escaping from me.

Listen, listen, Don't let this hate overwhelm you. I can see your pain.

Hiding from me, is not going to stop this crying. It will not end the pain, please show me your face to me.

You say I could never understand. That your afraid it will change everything. Please don't hide, come out. Should I leave, should I let you stay in agony.

Maybe we are just fake and there is no such thing as fate. But give me your hand. I want to see your face. Get out of the curisal of lies. You can trust me.

Lost we are, Beat, beat, I can hear your heart crying. All of the human race seem to be staring. Don't worry about there minds. They can't understand the mad.

End, end, it never ending. This life is not worth releasing. Belive in the sky. The flames that scorch at us Is worth exstinqushing.

Tick, tick, the time is running out so let get up. Stand with me love, look inside of me. How souls so small can be so strong.

Stupid and small, criticism is lost to my fate. I'm not a simple mind person, so I know.

There you are, why the tears. I understand this numbness up there. But feel right here. Can feel it hear it. Beat, beat, this is all there is. If what you say cause everthing to change then let it be. But know that you will always have me.