View Full Version : My own suggestions

Mostafa Allf
08-27-2016, 06:45 PM
I wish if there are some more options in invasion like:
- adding more options for sound effects, which every player can choose in between.

- add more war acts, like rocketry hit.

Blossam Malhotra
10-27-2016, 05:58 PM
hey ... m blossam malhotra and i am playing this game since before 4 months .. m playing in 161# zone and 234 zone .. and my game name is Nightmare in 234 zone this zone started before 3-4 days i think and i saw there has a newbie player he has 55mil power al thinking that he is a hacker ... bcoz how can he grow 55mil power in 3-4 days .. its unfair with other players so pleaze fix it because no one staying in 234zone they all going from there to others zone .. thnx