View Full Version : [BETA] [Find Bugs, Get Rewards] Event: May 29th - June 4th

Detrun Zhang
06-01-2015, 05:59 AM
Too many bugs in beta? There is a special chance for you to get free diamonds and help correct them! For each bug, only the first player who reports it will be rewarded 500 diamonds, and these rewards will be issued into account after event ends.*

Please fill in this form with detailed description about the bug you found in Beta:
35 (http://bit.ly/Beta_Event)

To ensure correct reward delivery, please make sure that you follow Bug Report Format while submitting bug form

Invasion Forum ID: Joe Zhen
Platform: IOS
Invasion Official Account Username: Joey88
Beta Version: 1.20.6
Description of Problems & Bugs: Canít see any building queue while one of the building is in construction.


1. Only those who report bugs in the form with the correct format can have a chance to get rewards
2. For each bug, the first player who reports it will be rewarded 500 diamonds
3. Once a bug is confirmed by our tech team, we will make it known to all in this sticky post, please check bugs that have been found before you make a new submission.*
4. Event time: from May 29th UTC 8:00 to June 4th UTC 8:00