View Full Version : The Rose poem.

06-22-2015, 08:00 PM
Siting down and staring out the window. Another message left on the clip board. Lost in thoght of what to do next as the construction roars to life. My scientists ever at work with out a ounce of rest. Solders ever pouring from the armourys.

Food is scarce, Stell is plentiful. Oil always going up and down. The villages always pay so we can continue are ways. Another bad egg to crap away. To keep the beasts at bay.

Talking and writing to my guild mates. Always complaing and crying that they want some bait. A little attack won't break are ways. If only they new the stress of stability. Would they ever change there ways.

Again on my feat to the call of war. My fate as been made so I shall lead today. If my blood shall be spilt it will be with glory for my family. No matter the tongues we share back and forth I love all my guild mates till death end.

Shall we March to death together. Or stand tall in victory forever. Just know I will never let us part ways. For I am the rose that engulfs her mates in a protection of thorns and vines.

06-22-2015, 11:04 PM
Again, a great job with your poems. You're very talented at writing. Keep up the great work!