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  1. Now that's a rough one. If there are only T3's then it will be a bit more hard on the losses. If you were to have one or two guys with T4's, then your T3's would basically be the distraction (get destroyed). Now doing this will obviously have some heavy losses on your end as well. You may even have more losses than him with the amount of T3 players you have. But anyway... the one rallying needs to have a commander with maxed attack and maxed health. I suggest he owns some nice officers with some even nicer medals too. You basically want everything that will boost their attack to god levels.
  2. So you think an army of T3 with the Correct commander can take down a player with t4? Please share your thoughts when you have the time. We have one player that's at 375 million power and close to 9 million t4 Troops. Would love to see her fall. Our guild has the monument and can place debuffs on her plus we can rally a full hall of T4. Please share with me your strategy so I can rally our guilds together to drop her ego. Thank you.
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