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The Beginning

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I began playing for more than two months when S6 - Haskel opens. At the beginning I dont know anything about the Game. I played a bit randomly and looked which missions I have and finished them. I searched a german guild, because my motherlanguage is german. My First Guild was DE - Deutsche Elite. The leader was Carpe Diem. He became my First friend in the Game and I helped him to Build a strong guild. He made me to his Diplomat. I am a free player that means I dont pay for the Game. But there were offten hassel in the guild, and this hassel destroyed the guild. In zc I write often with Hupper the leader from KSE (at Those days a very Bad Guild with 90% newbies ). I Asked him whether he will join DE but he won't join because he had his Owen Guild. At Those days I haven't Seen his strength, I thought he is a normal player. At DE Carpe Diem get often criticised by the members. After a while he Disband the Guild.
The members went to 3 guilds: Carpe diem and me to KSE, 50% made BM (Bismarck) and the Rest made HD! (Heul doch!)
I went to KSE (Hupper). After a few hours in the Guild he made me to his Diplomat. We stay neutral all the Time and I made Many alliances. After a while we made a merge with BM. Many of the Players came to us, but a Little rest went to GNZ, (at Those days they had the monument).
Other interesting Things (Short): GNZ made a merge with PAN (Those days Nr. 4.) and switched Name into PAN
A few days ago, WT a guild which was ca. 100m stronger attacks the Monument from PAN and won After 3 hours attacking the Monument.
Atm I have ca. 5,3Million strength and get zeroed for 4 Times. Now is on the Server Peace because we want to get stronger for SvS.
KSE is atm Rank 5 with ca. 250m strength. Our leader Hupper is Rank 4 with ca. 24m strength.
This was the beginning of me in the game. (Begin is only short because it isnt very Important)