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Today's PvP

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Today is PVP, but I dont Attack anybody because I want to Save my army and Im not skilled on war. At the Moment I am skilled at producing Troops and farming. I can Build 2100 Troops (T3) in 12 hours. At the Moment I have ca. 110k T3 and Hq 18. Maybe in a week I can Start Hq 19, because today I've Started Building my defend Center to lvl 18. Playing free (without of Money) is very difficult to be a good player. I cant Speed up Troops, buildings or sth other. Hq 19 needs 12 days to be build for me. But our Governor BEARS Said he give us the Title to increase the Build velocity when somebody starts his hq from 17-21. The Build velocity will Speed up with the Title by 10%.
But now back to the Topic. I got Attacked One Time by a 34m Monster, but I've lost no Troops and no Important Ressourcen (only 200k Money).
I have to be stronger, Thats why Im attacking atm nobody. And generally there are less fights than the Last PvPs. Now is coming a Time of peace at S6. Because we want to rule em all at SvS.