Seven Days To A Better Amateur Gone

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On a hot afternoon in the summer, find ourselves casually hanging out together. We_ll go to the mall; maybe you_ll show me some of the cooler spots in the city seeing as I'm newer in town. I_m wearing a short sleeve brown and white striped polo and jeans. You_re wearing a light flowy sundress. Eventually, we get back to your place to relax and maybe have a drink or two. You decide you want to kill some zombies. So I plop down on your couch and relax and you lie down on the floor on your tummy and turn your game on. Call of Duty zombies, or maybe Left 4 Dead. I smile softly, watching you play. You lay there, cussing and having a good time, your legs bent at the knee, feet kicking lightly in the air. My eyes slip from the TV to your legs, moving slowly up and down your body, taking in your curves as the sundress falls loosely around each valley and peak. The soft glow from your freshly shaved legs as the light bounces off them causes my breath to hitch in my chest. I slip off the couch and quietly sneak up behind you, you still playing your game, and let my fingertips drag slowly along your smooth legs, down from your achilles and over the back of your calves. I lean down and kiss the back of your thighs all over, starting from just above the back of your knee and slowly working my way up, pushing your sundress up a bit with my nose so I can kiss higher and higher on your legs. You smile, but don_t stop playing as I caress and kiss your legs. I slip behind you, pushing your legs apart a bit as you lay on your tummy, and lie down, kissing up your inner thighs. Every once in a while I nibble softly on your skin, my teeth pinching lightly and playfully at your sensitive creamy legs. By now your sundress is hiked up over your butt, exposing your panties to me. They are a pair of nasty porn pics modest, yet sexy boy shorts. They fit perfectly over your butt, showing the curves of those fleshy mounds to me. Running my hands up your thighs once more, I slide them slowly up over your bum before giving it a firm little slap. I hook my fingers in to the top of your panties and tug them down, waiting for you to raise your hips off the floor so I can slide your panties down your thighs and off your legs. Now that you_re free of them, I lie down between your legs, each of my hands on one of your legs, and I continue kissing all over your thighs, nibbling occasionally. Finally, I reach the apex of your legs and slowly run my tongue along the entire length of your slit at a pace that could be considered tortourous. I let out a [url=http://facebook.sercanbozkurt.com//index.php?a=profile&u=hayleyragla]sexy girl sex[/url] [url=http://5hdwallpaper.com/profile/jackdortch]nude girl pictures[/url] pictures soft little groan, because you taste so good, and my tongue goes back for more, pressing further in to your slit, sliding up and down its entire length, tasting your nectar. I slide a hand up and part your lips slightly, allowing my tongue to dig deeper, pushing into your hole a little before I move it towards your clit, flicking and sucking on it, your body starting to shudder with pleasure. It_s at this point you decide you can_t take it anymore and you pause your game. You set the controller down and spin around, giving me one of those irresistible little grins you wear when you_re horny. You decide you want to return the favor and crawl up to me on all fours, shoving me back against the bottom of the couch. You smile before your hands move to my jeans, unzipping them quickly before pulling out my half hard cock. You flash me one more little smirk before running your tongue all the way up the length of the underside of my shaft, causing my cock to twitch in your hand. I lick my lips as I watch you nasty pussy pics part your lips and take my cock entirely into your mouth without hesitation, sucking and licking at the underside while your hand pumps the base. I won_t last long like this, and you_ve quickly made me completely hard for you. You can feel my pulse on your tongue as it passes over the underside of my shaft. Your eyes flick up to meet mine, looking for signs of approval as your tongue swirls around the now swollen head, your hand pumping the base faster. I begin to shudder as my mouth hangs open, my eyes meeting yours, until I put my hand on your shoulder firmly, stopping you from going any further. It_s then you crawl on top of me, straddling my hips. I_ll let you have your way, but only for a little while, then I_ll take you. You grin down at me coyly, your cheeks a little flush as even in your wildest moments your modesty shines through. You reach down between your legs and grip my pulsing achy length at the base just above my balls and adjust your hips slightly. You smirk at me with a little tease as you run the tip of my precum covered head up and down your slit, letting out a little whimper as you do. Finally, you stop just at the entrance of your tight little hole, leaning down and giving me a soft kiss on the lips, before you settle back and drop down onto me. My entire length pushes in slow, spreading you apart, filling you up, becoming slick with your wetness. As you reach your hand, you release your grip on the base of my cock and sink down the last little bit until I_m entirely buried inside of you. You bite your bottom lip and sit there for a moment, enjoying the feeling of being filled [url=http://www.socialgorilla.org/index.php?a=profile&u=gemmacushin]meta art babes[/url] with my member inside you. Then you flex your hips, pushing your butt out a bit, and pull up, causing your slick tight little pussy to grip down on me. You pull up until I_m nearly all the way out of you before pushing your hips forward and slipping back down on to me, a little groan escaping my lips. You do it a couple more times until you_re confident my cock is entirely slick and coated in your essence. You sit with me entirely inside you and put both your hands on my shoulders, legs on either side of my hips, and you begin bouncing on me. Your wet inner walls clench around me in pleasure as you use your hands on my shoulders for leverage. You continue bouncing, your tits moving in time with you, my hands on your hips guiding you. And as you get close, that_s when I take control. With one of your upward [url=http://www.alike.com/index.php?a=profile&u=lonablundel]girl porn pictures[/url] bounces, I grab you and slip out from inside you. Swiftly, my hand grabs your thigh and I swing your leg over me and slip behind you all in one movement. I lean in and bite softly at your ear before saying, "my turn." I put my hand on your upper back and push you down into the couch that I was just resting against, bending you over in front of me. The moment your face hits the cushion, I do not hesitate. I grip my cock and guide it into your welcoming pussy, immediately burying myself entirely inside you. The second I rest there is enough for me to grab your hair lightly. I pull your head back, enough to let you know I_m in control, but not enough to hurt you. And then, I fuck you nice and hard. Each thrust fills you completely, creating a smacking noise as my hips crash into your ass. Each thrust causes a grunt to come from my lips, telling you how good it feels to be inside you. I bring the hand that isn_t in your hair up, and crash it down on your sweet little bottom, creating a loud snapping noise that echoes around the room as a stinging red hand print forms on your cheek. My grunts get louder and louder as I get closer and closer to giving you my cum. My hand raises again, slapping your ass with a firm spank. Finally I release your hair with one hand, and stop the assault on your rear with the other. Both hands slink down your body to the inward curve of your hips, grabbing you tightly there to gain more leverage. I pound away into you, each thrust causing your whole body to rock forward into the couch. Your breasts bounce and sway under nasty porn pics your body each time collide in to you until I finally give you what you want. I let out a primal feral growl as I grit my teeth and spray wave after wave of hot syrupy white cum into your body, coating your insides and filling you up with me. At the same time, I feel you cum, your hot wet little hole shudders around me and clamps down greedily, milking my throbbing cock for everything it_s worth. I pull out of you, panting and sweaty, and sit next to you on the floor, your sundress still hiked up over your ass as you look at me with a smile. I offer to let you clean my cock with your mouth, to lap up my cum and your juices, or, if you prefer, we can spend the afternoon cuddling and playing Xbox. I can play with your hair, and tell you how good you smell. If you have any sort of questions relating to where and the best ways to utilize [url=http://theminecafe.com/index.php?a=profile&u=busterz5331]free sex door[/url], you could call us at the internet site. StoriesAreNotBoring