Build A Younglibertines Anyone Would Be Proud Of

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Mindy normally liked to stay over at Cindy's house on weekends, they would sneak liquor from her fathers liquor cabinet and get drunk, however her dad found out and put a lock on it.
Both girls had the tendency to dress alike and exchange clothes. Mindy was wearing a lime green, skin-tight crop top with bright pink panties and rainbow knee high socks. Cindy was wearing a bright crop top with lime green panties and rainbow socks. They both tied hair in pigtails and would occasionally nude porn pics sit on the porch to distract the men working on their lawns
"I wish we could legally buy alcohol." Mindy said while sitting on bouncy ball pouting her lips.
"I know, I hate having to ask those greasy assholes outside the stores, they always say that we either have to show our tits and let them grab it." Cindy said lying on her bed while reading the latest issue of men's fitness.
"Oh my god Mindy, look at this guy. He_s so fucking hot!"
Mindy got up and jumped right beside her. She looked on at this male fitness model with an incredibly muscular body wearing nothing but briefs. She traced the outline of his cock with her fingers.
"I wonder how big his dick is. I don't care, I want him to do anal," Mindy said.
"Mindy! Anal hurts like hell with a guy with a big dick," Cindy replied
"Who cares? Get drunk and do anal and enjoy life."
"Oh my god! You know what we should do. We should have Coach Ray buy us alcohol," Mindy said.
"Do you remember the last when we fucked him in the locker room. He was literally shaking for an hour after. I even asked him to join us in the shower if he wanted to fuck us but he was too tired" she added.
"Yeah it's not a bad idea. He keeps texting me saying he wants to see us. And how much fun he had," Cindy said while going through old messages
"Call him right now. Your parents are gone for a bit anyways."
Cindy dials coach rays number and puts it on speaker.
After a few rings he answers.
"Hey beautiful."
"Coach ray, we're horny and want to get drunk!" Mindy yelled.
"What do you want, I'll pick it up?"
"Uhmmm get us a bottle of vodka and some cigarettes," Cindy replied.
"Girls, you shouldn't smoke. It'll ruin your stamina. You_re the schools soccer stars."
"Coach if you don't bring us cigarettes and vodka you'll never get to fuck us again. Do you remember how tight our insides were? Well now were thinking anal," Mindy demanded as she grabbed the phone from Cindy.
"Ok, I promise, I'll be over in 15 minutes," Coach Ray replying in a panicking tone.
Mindy hung up and put the phone on the side table.
"Tickle fight!" Cindy yelled
She got on top of Mindy and started tickling her on her neck, her breasts and tickling her pussy.
"Cindy! The feels so good," Mindy replied lightly moaning
Cindy took to fingers and played sensually with Mindy_s clit, she rubbed her fingers round and round her clit until slowly inserting them in.
"Wet and warm, I can see why coach came so hard," Cindy said while fingering her best friend.
The doorbell rang, it was Coach Ray. The girls ran down holding each other's hand and running downstairs in excitement.
Cindy opened the door and let him in. He was sweating and was in a white wife beater and jeans. He had a bit of dirt on his face, his arms and all over his wife beater.
"Coach Ray, why are you so dirty." Mindy asked.
"My bitch of a wife was making me clean out the garage and mow the lawn. I had no other choice but to do it. Spent about 3 hours doing all this shit until I got your call and I actually ran 3 miles."
"Ok, now lets get drunk." Mindy said not caring
Coach Ray took out two bottle of vodka from the bag and poured the three of them some shots. After 5 straight shots both girls started to get tipsy and be very flirtatious with the coach.
They lay on the bed, Coach Ray having his arm around each girl. They rubbed his body while kissing his neck and nibbling on his ear.
"Where are our cigarette_s?" Cindy asked.
"In the bag," he replied rubbing her back.
"Go get them." She said.
He got up and went towards the back, Mindy rolled over Cindy and they start making out and fingering each other.
Coach Ray came back to try to join them but Mindy_s put her foot on his chest and pushed him away. She stroked his cock with her foot and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.
"Coach, you want our tight pussy don_t you? You want to slide your big hard cock in our little warm opening and cum inside us. Then take your cock and put inside each of our assholes." Mindy said while rubbing his cock.
"Yes, I want to do all that. Please can I?" he begged.
"Take off your tank top," hot porn pictures Cindy demanded.
He took it off revealing a sweaty glistening body. The girls came forward and started rubbing his crotch and felt his cock throbbing through his jeans.
"Poor baby, when was the last time you used this?" Mindy asked.
"When I fucked you two." He replied
"Aww, isn_t that so pathetic. Your wife doesn_t fuck you like we do?" Cindy asked.
"She doesn_t fuck me at all!"
The girls laughed and slowly unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. His cock literally came flying out and rested gently on their pretty faces.
Both girls stroked it for a bit until they laid down and spread their legs wide open.
"Last time we sucked you, now you eat us." Mindy said.
The coach went down on his knee and kissed each of their pussy turn by turn. He pulled off Mindy_s panties and started eating her out while taking two thick fingers and teasing Cindy_s pussy.
"Oh coach, you_re so good at this." Cindy cried while Mindy had her eyes closed letting out quiet moans.
His thick fingers were soaked with Cindy_s juices as she licked them off and used his fingers to finger herself. He kept teasing Mindy_s clit while liking her pussy like a dog.
Both girls got up and started making out with each other while the coach stroked his cock. They undressed each other and stood in pigtails knee high rainbow sock.
They pushed the coach on his bed and then took another shot of vodka.
"Coach Ray?" Mindy said sweetly
"Yes Mindy?" He replied.
"Umm are you ready to fuck our tight teen assholes?"
Coach Ray had a look of excitement on his face as Cindy got some lube and stroked it onto his cock. They each took some lube and put it around and in their asshole by fingering each other.
"Mindy, I am so fucking horny and drunk right now. I need a dick in me."
Coach Ray bent her over and pushed the head of his dick in her, he continued to stroke his cock until he dick was entirely in her.
"Oh my god Cindy, how are you so damn tight."
Cindy cried out a bit of pleasure and pain and yelled, "Fuck me silly Coach Ray."
At first he was slow with each thrust, he kissed he back and put in a full hard thrust in and out.
"Don_t be a bitch, coach. Go faster." Cindy demanded.
Coach Ray began going faster and faster making a thumping sound while his legs smashed against her tight ass. Mindy was laying on the bed masturbathing with her dildo while watching these two.
"Oh my god, this is so sexy, I_m going to cum." Mindy yelled out.
Mindy went faster with her dildo until a puddle of cum spilled out. Coach Ray pulled his hard dick out of Cindy and pushed Mindy on her stomach, he mounted himself on her and pushed the head of his dick in her.
"Are you ready to be fucked by your soccer coach?" He asked while kissing her neck.
"I_m ready to be fucked by my soccer coach," she replied.
He began pounding her, Cindy_s bedsprings were shaking and the headboard was hitting against the wall at every thrust. While adjusting his body and fucking Mindy he kicked the side table knocking over a lamp and a picture of Mindy and Cindy at camp when they were kids.
"Girls, get on your knees. Daddy_s going to come."
Both girls get on their knees with their tongue out while Coach Ray is quickly stroking his cock. Just as he is about to cum, the door swings wide open and it is Cindy_s parents looking on as Coach Ray releases a massive load on their daughters and her best friends face.
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